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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beggarly Elements--for the Locals

I am in need of more empty frozen whipped topping containers with lids (approximately 8 oz. containers), as soon as possible.  I use them for seed starting, and, right now, everything I have is full, and I'm not done planting.

Since I buy very few containers of whipped topping, I use up my supply in short order.  Thanks to a number of people who have given me theirs in the past, I have been able to use them in teaching my food production class this year, and have used many of them here at home too.

Obviously, I'm not asking for anyone to give me any that they have a use for themselves.  What might be recycled or landfilled elsewhere can see many more uses for starting plants.  Some of mine are already on their third or fourth use as planters.

I think I did an earlier post on how to convert these containers into mini-greenhouses, but I'd be glad to explain it again to anyone who is interested.


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