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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quote of the Day--10/15/2013

I love it when my typing students make each other laugh.

Today Wesley was the main funny-bone tickler.  Usually he's the quietest of the boys, and quieter than some of the girls.  I regret having missed what came just ahead of this statement, but I heard something like this:

Wesley:  That's not what I said.  You guys all need hearing aids, and I can give you mine--if you buy me new ones.

If anyone else had said this, it's unlikely that anyone would have laughed, but Wesley is uniquely qualified to use hearing aids as a verbal weapon, since he's the only one in the class who actually wears hearing aids.  

When everyone was laughing, and one of the girls (who talks more than Wesley) said she thinks we should let Wesley talk more often, Travis demonstrated how girls always laugh.  He gave a long audible decelerating sigh at the end of a hearty laugh.  It sounded so funny that everyone wanted to laugh again, but most of the girls didn't dare, for fear of doing exactly what Travis said girls always do when they laugh.

What a hoot!


I read a description of where Kansas can expect an overnight frost or freeze tonight--along and north of US 50 and west of K14.  I'm not positive which K14 is meant, since that designation was recently given to a road farther east than the older designation.  We live, however, very near to where those two roads intersect--roughly two miles from the old 14 and one mile from the 50.  Just in case, I went out to pick all the tomatoes and peppers that had started ripening.  I doubt that it will kill the plants since the temperature is predicted to go down only to 37 and a breeze is predicted to blow all night, but still, I didn't want all those huge, beautiful tomatoes and peppers to go to waste.


Some big animal is creating huge holes all over the west end of the garden.  For the most part, it isn't bothering the vegetables, but some of the holes are a foot deep and several feet across.  What could it be?  Any ideas?


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