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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quote for the Day 2/19/08

Hiromi (Early on Tuesday morning when he came in from feeding my sheep.): Mara has a baby. (Mara is the Katahdin ewe I bought six years ago after I started getting regular paychecks from teaching school.)

Me: Is everything alright?

Hiromi: Yes. The lamb looks dry and comfortable.

What a treat!--on the morning after the parakeet died.

On a related subject--

Hiromi came home last night with a new parakeet. The nameless bird introduced himself by rocketing out of the box he came home in and sinking his hooked beak into Shane's hand when he recaptured him. He seems wild, and I'm still not sure he deserves to occupy Magog's "house." He is less handsome than Magog, and I have yet to see evidence of the sweet nature Magog displayed. But he is young and male, two prerequisites for tameness and willingness to talk, according to what we've heard and experienced with parakeets we've had in the past.

If you're contemplating drawing some parallels between humans and birds regarding gender, age, intelligence, and likeableness--hold it right there. I've already heard it, and I'm not convinced that any of it applies.

Unless, of course, you have a really remarkable insight or just want to let me know what you're thinking, then, by all means, don't hold your comment. Sign your name though. I guarantee the warm, fuzzy feeling meter will ratchet right up if you do that.


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