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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's a Girl!

Today Shane's engagement to Dorcas Kuepfer was announced. A wedding is planned for this summer.

Shane is all smiles and is given to singing "I'm getting married in the morning. . . " and saying he needs to get the sound track for "My Fair Lady."

He's working on his house in Abbyville, two-and-one-half miles west of our Trail West house, now that his labors in the hedge row are finished. He blew insulation into the attic on Thursday and sanded sheet rock its final time on Friday. The house he purchased is not fancy, but it has three new rooms added on, along with a new roof, siding, windows and doors, sheet rock, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and wiring. He needs to install cupboards, interior doors and trim, lighting fixtures, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, floor coverings throughout, and do painting. Outside the house, the yard needs landscaping. The seller was interested only in recouping his original purchase price plus the money for the materials he had purchased in the process of doing all the remodeling he nearly finished. It was a great deal for Shane, who has the skills to finish out most of what still needs doing--which is really the fun part of remodeling.

Dorcas is a sweet girl--as feminine and blond as he is dark and masculine. Their personalities seem well-matched for a minimum of conflicts. I hope her years in Kenya with her missionary family have helped prepare her for the irregular family she is marrying into.

Hiromi and I have waited a long time for daughters, but our wait is almost over. I don't dare focus on the fact that the arrival of a daughter is coupled with the leaving of a son. The plan all along has been to savor the time we have together with our children and then be able to let them go with a blessing. We're getting close to putting that plan in action.

When a son leaves, I hope to avoid brooding unproductively ahead of time , grieve briefly if necessary when the time arrives, and then move on. It works for unpleasantries like going to the dentist, and someday I will let you know if it works with bigger things like the emptying of a nest.


  • I love your title - how did you ever think of that!! So original!

    By Anonymous Marvin Mast, at 2/18/2008  

  • My first thought was how happy I was for Shane and Dorcas. My second thought was how happy I am for you that you now will finally have a daughter.

    By Blogger Dorcas Byler, at 2/18/2008  

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