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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Follow up to Mask Bashing Post

Here's the second post in the same thread as the previous one.  I believe the content is self-explanatory.  I will add here that a nice private-message conversation followed, in which the writer of the later-removed comment explained that he did so because he didn't want to stir up further controversy.  He also expressed more of how he sees things, and I responded with a bit of elaboration that went beyond what is written here.  It was a good exchange, with him commenting that he's been given some new things to think about.

On a recent post of mine, someone commented and then removed the comment before my response posted. I will preserve the anonymity of the person who commented and the details of the comment, but will say that the comment inquired about my thinking on a COVID-19 vaccine. The comment was not rude or unwelcome. In fact, my response gave me an opportunity to address something that I would have addressed in my OP if I had been able to think of a way to do it concisely. I am indebted to the person who made the comment. Thank you.
Here's my reply to the comment: I find it easier to say what I hope to do rather than what I think other Christians should do.
I will not be standing in line for a COViD-19 vaccine any time soon--perhaps never. The push for getting a vaccine out quickly is so blatantly a political move and so obviously counter to taking proper precautions that I would be very wary of getting vaccinated in the near future on that account alone. Beyond that, however, I think a far better approach for "neutering" the virus--rather than a vaccine--is to learn lifestyle and diet measures that make it possible for our God-given immune systems to counter the virus before serious illness occurs.
I'm hopeful that some already-available, relatively inexpensive drugs can be helpful in treatment. There's already evidence for this (this is not a reference to the controversial malaria drug).
Re: the chip or a vaccine mandate? I'm taking a wait-and-see stance. I'm not sure that fears of these things are well-founded. If they come to pass and I must make a decision, I'm trusting the Lord to show me at that time what I should do.

  • Thanks always for your well thought out response 
    Miriam Iwashige
    . It is good to ponder these issues and not rush to "tweet" shall I say...
    Having taught the micro-biology unit twice during sub- teaching assignments I believe it is prudent to not rush the development of vaccines, especially during this political climate. It does continue to sadden me that the general public cannot find in themselves a sense of obligation to their fellow man and therefore self-discipline to curb personal conduct so as to mitigate the spread of this virus.
    Though I just received my annual flu vaccine (@clinic drive-thru!), I will not be in line for a Covid vaccine in the near future.
    As a final thought, my dear Aunt worked at CDC for 34 years...I have great respect for that institution and its scientists. I am putting my faith in them to continue to do their civil service job well to keep the public informed and safe! May God keep watch over us all...

    • ______ thanks for adding value to this OP by your comment. I have no personal connection with anyone at CDC, but during the current administration, I have gained a deeper respect for the civil servants who serve the public in non-partisan roles. Thank you to your aunt for her service.

    • Miriam Iwashige
       she had quite a career-34 years! A research biologist with mosquitos! Also Tzee flies (sp?). Worked on legionnaire disease, and was there when research was begun on HIV-before AIDS was called AIDS, quite fascinating work!

  • Thank you for this. There's so much we can do better in giving our bodies the opportunity to fight without drugs or vaccines. We should be learning and educating others wherever we can.

    • One of my struggles thru the covid-19 opinions has been when people declare we should be mask free, refuse vaccines and let our immune systems do their job, but the declarations are sometimes made by those who lead very unhealthy lives. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

    • _________ and who have limited sympathy for those whose health is already tenuous? This combination sounds disastrous, not only for those who "declare," but for those around them.