Prairie View

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Retirement Celebration

My heart is full of many happy reflections.  On Saturday, at the Pilgrim School award assembly, I got an amazing sendoff upon my retirement.

My sister Lois captured a video of some of the proceedings, and I'll post it here so that I can keep track of it, and also to give you a chance to share in my pleasure.  In the video, everyone refers to me as Mrs. I, my teacher name at Pilgrim. This video was a belated idea, and, regretfully, got started a little too late to catch all of Norma's speech.  Shane's video (he actually had a forewarning--but not from me) didn't upload properly, so Lois offered hers to the family to see.  That's how this version happened.

Mark Nissley is the man who gave me the envelope containing the cash, and who arranged for and introduced the former students who spoke.  He is the school board chairman.  Arlyn Nisly is the school principal.  He is the other man on the platform.

The first person you'll see speaking is my longtime co-teacher, who is also leaving school.  She got married during Christmas break and will be a full time homemaker now, after ten years of teaching at Pilgrim on the secondary level.  She came on board at my first sabbatical and has been a steady and positive presence ever since.

The student speakers are Arlyn Miller, Seth Yutzy, and Rani (Nissley) Schrock.  Arlyn and Seth live in this area.  Rani moved to Ohio when she got married.

I find it hard to watch myself on video.  In this one I think I act and talk like an old lady.  I wonder why that would be the case.  Also, the battery died in the middle of my little speech, and you'll notice a gap while a corded microphone was set up.

Oh yes, that blue envelope?  It contained a stack of bills in the largest denomination available.  Former students made voluntary donations to a gift fund.  The money was given without specifications as to its use.  I'm still thinking about what to do with it.  I never spend money impulsively, and this gift will be treasured until it's used for something else that I can treasure.  I'll take suggestions. . .