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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quote for the Day 11

Joe K. (Substitute principal today, on his own high school experience): I crammed one year of high school into two years.

He was a missionary kid in Kenya at the time, and was distracted by many things more exciting than school work, which was apparently a fairly solitary undertaking.

He's in college now, and doing fine.

Fellow Scrabble Players, to Holli, who had just laid out her letters: Is "ew" a word?

Holli: Sure it is.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: EW--abbreviation for Enlisted Woman.

Me: Sorry Holli.

Every year when the MCC mobile canner takes over the building which serves as our "gym" for several days, the students scramble to find alternative break time activities. Today, five students joined me in playing a game of Scrabble--a game I dearly love, and have a hard time getting others to play with me. (They sometimes say things like, "I've heard stories about playing against you." I don't think it's a compliment.)

Our fearless students are the greatest--Scrabble players Heidi, Elaine, Ryan, Jared, and Holli among them.


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