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Friday, October 19, 2007

Quote for the Day 10

Steven: Mrs. I keeps track of the days by driving a different vehicle every day. That way she knows what day it is and what she has to do that day. (In an editorial for the school newspaper on hectic demands and swift passage of time.)

Note: We've had an uncommon streak of vehicle misfortunes and out-of-the-ordinary vehicle switching--from flat tires, starter-gone-bad??--don't know for sure yet--to needing to have my minivan in town to redeem a coupon for a free oil change to hauling home a new wall furnace for the Trail West house. Consequently, I've driven, by turns, the beat-up'84 Chevy Caprice, the '98 Mercury Villager minivan, and Joel's sporty '98 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Thankfully, the malfunctions have all happened when other drivers in the family had the troublesome vehicle. If I ever show up on Grant's motorcycle, well. . . none of us really want to think about that. No day in the week and no event I can imagine would call for day-marking to that extreme.


  • Make sure the camera is handy on the day you show up on Grant's motorcyle. That picture would make an awesome post.

    By Blogger Dorcas Byler, at 10/19/2007  

  • Giggles from PA.

    By Blogger Andrew, at 10/24/2007  

  • Not to be picky or anything, but Joel's Eclipse is a '96. Also, anytime you want a ride I'd be glad to give you one after I call Benji and have him stake out a spot up the road with his camera for the special "Canon" moment.

    By Blogger Fat Boy, at 11/11/2007  

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