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Monday, March 26, 2018

Day Three of Spring Break

This was a chilly, drippy day with a delightful lack of drama and pressure.  I did forget to show up to pick up strawberries at Center from the semi that shows up periodically with fruit for sale.  Rachel Yutzy is the local contact person. 

I did my laundry, which usually is a Saturday chore.  No drama there.

Hiromi's cough and wheezing made him decide to call in sick at work and see a doctor instead.  The doctor diagnosed a virus and prescribed steroids   He's feeling a bit better, but still is quite congested.

I transplanted the rest of the tomato seedlings in the greenhouse.  I couldn't quite bestir myself enough to do more planting in the garden.  We didn't have much rain, but it would have been a bit muddy, and it was generally not a pleasant day to work outside.

Our paper is now being delivered through the postal service instead of by a paper carrier.  This means that we get no paper on Sunday, and it comes around noon instead of early in the morning. 

My cousin Landon showed up at church yesterday.  He stopped here for the weekend rather than spend the time in a truck stop somewhere.  On Saturday he and Leroy H. took a 50-mile bike ride, Leroy's first training for this year's Bike Across Kansas, which both Landon and Leroy plan to participate in.  I understand others from this area also hope to make the trip.  Landon keeps a bike in his semi and often goes biking after his trucking run for the day is over. 

Around this time three years ago, my brother-in-law Matthew died.  This year my sister Clara, his wife, is preparing to be married to Paul Stoltzfus in June.  Oregon will be her new home after the marriage.

Last week I saw on Facebook that my niece Luisa M. was inviting her friends to attend a concert in Harrisonburg, VA presented by a community choral group.  She sang a solo in the program.  The interesting thing I noticed right away was that Wendell Nisly directed the group.  Wendell and Jeanene also invited friends to the concert.  The Nislys did not know that Luisa was part of our extended family, although they know most of our family well.  Another connection that must have gone undiscussed is that Luisa's home church in PA was pastored by Wendell's uncle Paul Nisly.  Paul, my brother Caleb, and Wendell were all part of our church here in Kansas at one time, though they are not very nearly the same age. 

Willard Mast is part of the cast that will present Fiddler on the Roof soon, in Hutchinson.

I'll end this abruptly here and head for bed.


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