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Friday, June 30, 2017

Hymns--June 30, 2017

Sunday Morning:

Opening Songs

#19--Unto Thy Temple, Lord, We Come--Psalm 5:7--First time for this year.  Verse 2:  "The common home of rich and poor, Of bond and free, and great and small; "Large as thy love forevermore, And warm and bright and good to all.
#188--Christ, We Do All Adore Thee--Rom. 5:8--Short, but easy to vary the dynamics effectively, and very worshipful.
#828--Our Father in Heaven--Mt. 6:9--Yann Liereiu liked this song when he was here and heard it sung in an evening service.

Transition Song

#375--Be Thou My Vision--Jn. 14:6--This song is the winner for frequency . . . This was the fifth time we've sung it this year.

Offering Song

#6--O Worship the King--Ps. 104:1--This song is very familiar, of course, but singing it as an offering song prompted thoughts of how giving mindfully is one way to offer praise to God.

Closing Song

#371--If My People--Is. 57:15--This is a fairly new song (2000) based on an old Scripture--II Chron. 7:14.  We've sung it three times this year--at other times when events in the government were of special concern (Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land).  Singing it at the end of a sermon zeroed in on our personal responsibility to come to God in humble prayer and repentance.

Wednesday Evening (The topic was on Diversity in the Body of Christ.)

Opening Songs (Both of these songs set the stage for diversity being paired with unity.)

#350--Heart with Loving Heard United--Jn. 13:35
#393--Children of the Heavenly Father--Gal. 3:26--I can hardly sing this song without tears because of specific occasion when it was sung by our children and their friends--at the funeral of an age mate--Andrew Yoder, who died at the age of 10.  He was Shane's best friend.  The song speaks of being gathered safely in the Father's bosom, of Him tending and nourishing, of not being separated from the Father, even in death--very appropriate for that funeral and for the opening of a service on diversity.

Closing Song

#722--Let Thy Grace, Lord, Make Me Lowly--1 Peter 5:5--This is the first time this year we sang this song.  Humility is a key to handling diversity well, so this was an appropriate closing song.


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